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About Me

Hi! My name is Liv. I am passionate about all things outdoors and wild. I discover the beauty in everything. 

In nature I am home, it is where I find peace. The wilderness is a part of me and this is what I show through my work. I am full of energy and very driven, I dedicate myself to my work and some would say I am a bit of a perfectionist. I am creative and my imagination knows no limits.
I enjoy producing long form projects, such as my collaborations with the RSPB, the British Bird of Prey Centre and Eagle Reintroduction Wales. 

I spend a lot of my time working in the wildlife industry. I am currently working with SEWBReC monitoring Curlews in South Wales. I am a volunteer at RSPB Newport wetlands, I also help out the rangers along the Vale Heritage Coast in South Wales. 

I am eager to take on any challenges, photographing or filming animals; wild or domestic! Drop me an email and have a chat.

Get in Touch!

Please drop me an email if you are interested in my work and wish to employ my skills in editing and camera operation. 

I have a range of skills involving the Adobe Suite, including edit in Premiere Pro and also skills in camera work. I use my own equipment, that includes DSLRs, a range of Nikon lens' and tripods. 

I hold a drone flyer ID and operator ID. I enjoy flying my drone to take a variety of shots such as aerial

I also hold a UK drivers license and am willing to travel to any destination in the UK. I am a keen adventurer and have spent a lot of time exploring.

I have great experience in the outdoors and working with wildlife. I understand how to track certain animals and have a creative eye that understands composition and lighting. 

I hold a first degree in Photojournalism, a course that provided me with a wide range of journalistic knowledge and experience working with stories and people through photography and documentary film.
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Thanks for submitting!

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