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Childhood Love

Ever since I was a child, I have been deeply intrigued by birds of prey. I was lucky enough to grow up in the beautiful Welsh countryside and I was fascinated by buzzards ever since my dad pointed one out to me.

To this day, I get so excited when I see a bird of prey, the thrill never gets old! I am always subconsciously on the look out for that raptor shaped silhouette perched on a lamp post or  a telegraph pole on the side of the road.

It is this love of raptors I carry through my work. I want to show the world the beauty of these creatures, because it is so important that they are protected.

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White tailed eagle.jpg

The Giant of the Skies

White-tailed eagles are a fascination to me. I have spent over a year obsessed with everything to do with them whilst working on my current project; a documentary that explores the many misconceptions people have about them. They are just so massive, Britains largest bird of prey in fact, that many hold the belief they are a threat to young children, pets and livestock. The documentary that I am currently creating explores this, mainly the belief that they are killing a large number of lambs in places like Scotland, where they have recently been reintroduced. I have recently come back from a trip to the Isle of Mull where I filmed these magnificent birds in their natural habitat. 

I am working in collaboration with the Eagle Reintroduction Wales project, this project run by the awesome Dr Sophie Lee, is planning on reintroducing white-tailed eagle back in to Wales - I cannot wait for that day!

Have a sneak peak at some of the footage I have gathered to use in my current documentary film project ---->

red kite 16.jpg

The National Bird of Wales

Did you know the red kite is the national bird of Wales? Not surprising considering their fantastic comeback after their reintroduction in the 1980s. I find it so brilliant that I can see these gorgeous birds practically on my doorstep! I know a friendly farmer who lets me sit on his land where the raptors frequent. I saw this red kite feeding one afternoon, he did not seem bothered by me at all and actually flew pretty close. I love the noise these birds make, a high pitched whistle. 

red kite 3.jpg
buzzard 2.jpg

The Common Buzzard

Although, as it says in their name, they are common; the common buzzard will always be the raptor I am most connected to. I have spent most of my time observing the pair that live on Llantrisant Common. It is so intriguing to get to know an animal and its behaviour, you become so engrossed in their world, it almost becomes an obsession. Although the common buzzard can now be seen almost anywhere, they never fail to amaze me with their beauty.

buzzard 5 2.jpg
Gosshawk 1.jpg

The Shy Goshawk

I have only seen this fierce bird once, and this is the image to capture that one moment! I was looking over the horizon and noticed, what I thought, was a wood pigeon. I thought well I might just take a picture of that - turns out it was a goshawk! To this day , I am very thankful I took the shot as these birds are vey elusive and shy. I often hear their distinctive call but never usually see them. 

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buzzard 2.jpg
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