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I enjoy creating short nature based films. Scroll to have a look at some of the films I have created!

White tailed eagle.jpg

The Tail of the White-tail

A documentary film that details the reintroduction of the white-tailed eagle to Britain, after being driven out by humans. This documentary also explores the issues farmers have with these eagles coming back. I produced this documentary for my final major project, completing my degree in Photojournalism.


I wanted to cover this topic because I believe it is an important discussion that deserved a documentary. I spent a year planning, filming and meeting and interviewing people. All the shots (without a credit in the bottom left corner) are my own. 

I feel a very strong passion for protecting our native birds of prey and so although producing this film came with many challenges, I really went on a journey and learnt so many things along the way, and also had lots of fun! 


I regularly volunteer at, as well as visit RSPB reserves around the UK. I find making short films on these encourages people to visit and appreciate the important role the RSPB play in giving nature a home.

Power in Numbers 

I created a film on the starling murmuration at RSPB Newport wetlands. I wanted this piece to demonstrate the power small birds can create when they come together in the numbers they do; a true beautiful demonstration of nature.

Nature's Reclaim

I have always been compelled by the story of nature taking over again after man has destroyed a habitat. Newport Wetlands is the perfect example of this. Once a moonscape, completely desolate of any life due to a near by coal powered factory dumping ash. With a bit of help from the RSPB, nature was able to re-establish itself here and thrive. I created this short film detailing the story. Jeremy White, a fellow volunteer at Newport Wetlands is a human encyclopaedia when it comes to discussing this topic, so he was the perfect interviewee!

Newport Wetlands Mindfulness Moment

Taking inspiration from BBC Springwatch where they include a section at the end of each episode called a 'mindfulness moment'. I was asked by RSPB Newport to create a short film that showcases the reserve in all its glory. I decided on no music for this as I wanted to create the effect of a meditation. The film was meant to be a moment to breath and feel like you are escaping into nature for a second. Visitors could enjoy watching this in the visitor centre.

Summer at Goldcliff

A film of sunnier days spent at Goldcliff lagoons. This reserve sees a number of visitors each year. Most of these clips were taken in the small drought we had in August 2022. This dried up the majority of the lagoons, although scary to see it allowed me to get closer shots of the waders and birds who had to gather in a small area of the reserve to stay in the water. Watch closely as the lapwings disappear from view in the dry dirt, nature is remarkable.

The Elegant Stilt

My first encounter with a stilt was on the Isle of Wight at RSPB Brading Marshes. Whilst visiting the reserve to see what wildlife I could film, a fellow bird watcher mentioned it was a rare bird, I had no idea! It was a joy to watch and film, they move so elegantly. I also had a rare species encounter the year before on my visit to this stunning reserve, I happened upon a flock of Glossy Ibis coming in to roost. You can find that on my YouTube channel.

Making a Nest Box

This short film follows wildlife conservation student Morgan Griffiths as he creates a nest box for small birds such as coal tits, blue tits and house sparrows. Many birds, such as house sparrows are in decline, creating a nest box for them gives them a place to raise their young and also provides shelter in the winter.

It took Morgan a good amount of time to create the nest box, whilst I took shots of him working hard. 


Get in Touch!

Please drop me an email if you are interested in my work and wish to employ my skills in editing and camera operation. 

I have a range of skills involving the Adobe Suite, including edit in Premiere Pro and also skills in camera work. I use my own equipment, that includes DSLRs and a range of Nikon lens' and tripods.

I also hold a flyer ID and operator ID and enjoy flying my drone to shoot a variety of shots.

I hold a UK drivers license and am willing to travel to any destination in the UK. I am a keen adventurer and have spent a lot of time exploring.

I have great experience in the outdoors and working with wildlife. I understand how to track certain animals and have a creative eye that understands composition and lighting. 
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